Nuts for Fertility: Sweet Coconut and Nut Mix


Why are nuts and seeds so important when trying to conceive? It varies from nut to nut, but they are said to be good for both fertility and during pregnancy as they are loaded with fibre, protein, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Almonds, sunflower seeds and peanuts are ‘building foods’ because they are a healthy protein. Pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are the best sources for zinc, which can help improve the health of both the egg and sperm and balance hormones. Sunflower seeds and almonds also contain Vitamin E, which can help to increase your cervical mucus and improve sperm mobility. And Brazil nuts are said to have the high levels of selenium, which is crucial in the development of healthy ovarian follicles.


Nuts are super easy to add in to your daily diet. Eat them raw as a snack, sprinkle them over salads, porridge or yoghurt, or chop them up and mix with bulgar wheat and big bunches of fresh mint and parsley to make a tabbouleh. If you fancy something a little sweeter try this Sweet Coconut and Nut Mix, which I love having with porridge in the mornings.

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Sweet chestnut porridge


Since my acupuncturist told me to eat more warming foods I’ve been eating porridge almost every morning. I’m a creature of habit, but even I get bored of the same daily routine so I’ve been experimenting with ways to jazz up my breakfast. One of my favourites at the moment is this delicious sweet chestnut porridge.

I’d never even heard of sweet chestnut spread until I saw Rachel Khoo make it and slather it all over crepes – it looked so delicious that when I saw a jar in the supermarket the other day I couldn’t resist.

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Fertility Food: Avocado on Toast

Avocado on Toast

I’ve been eating a lot of avocadoes this week. Partly because they were on promotion in the supermarket, but mainly because they are incredibly nutritious and full of good things whilst you’re trying to get pregnant.

Firstly they’re packed with folic acid, which doctors will advise you to take when you start trying to conceive. They are also high in Vitamin B6, which is said to assist fertility by lengthening the luteal phase, improving cervical mucus and helping egg and sperm production. It can be hard to get enough Vitamin B6 through food alone though, so doctors may advise that you take a supplement as well. In any case avocadoes are a great bonus boost!

They are also a monounsaturated fat, which some say helps to improve female fertility.

So here I am trying to eat my way through piles of avocadoes! This has been my most used recipe this week as it’s so quick and easy to make, and is great for breakfast or a snack.

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