Key Lime Pie


Ok I’ll admit there aren’t really any health or fertility benefits with this recipe…well limes are a good source of vitamin C, but let’s be real – sometimes you just want something that tastes damn good! I made this for my husband on our third wedding anniversary. I don’t usually do many desserts – mainly because he refuses to eat anything with a berry near it – but this one was a winner.

It’s really simple to make but is full of flavour from the limes. If you have a pie tin with a removable base it’s probably best to use that, but if not, just try to loosen the edges slightly with a knife before removing a slice. Serve with whipped cream if you like, but I like mine just the way it is. One other tip – if your oven is a bit of a fiery beast like mine then remember to turn the pie half way so don’t end up with a slightly charred edge!

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The need to know


Late on a Sunday afternoon, my husband said to me “you should read this article on pregnancy anxiety – I think it will resonate with you”.

Now hang on a minute, I’m not even pregnant yet – how is this going to be relevant to me? Rowan Martin speaks of the intense paranoia she experienced during her pregnancy – after a “missed miscarriage” with her first pregnancy she became, understandably, anxious about what might happen to her baby when she was expecting again. Her fear took over and she became obsessed with monitoring her baby, even going to the extreme of taking more than 100 pregnancy tests within five weeks and spending nearly £2,000 on private clinics, just to check her baby was still growing.

Whilst my situation is not the same, there are certainly elements of Rowan’s story that I can empathise with, even during the process of trying to get pregnant. When things don’t go to plan, you feel like your body has let you down – how can you trust it again?

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Sesame Salmon


The internet is full of articles on super seeds…eat more seeds to lower your cholesterol…eat more seeds for healthy hair…eat more seeds to lower your anxiety. But can they actually help with fertility?


From browsing t’interweb, it seems sesame seeds are frequently recommended as a fertile food. They are a great source of zinc, which is a key mineral for both men and women trying to conceive. For guys, zinc can help testosterone and sperm production, whilst for ladies it can help with egg production, maintaining follicular fluid levels and hormone regulation. Ok I’m sold!

Luckily it’s super easy to incorporate sesame seeds into your diet – they add a nutty crunch to stir-fries, salads or porridge and I absolutely love the smell of sesame oil. This is a really easy meal to make so it’s good for a weekday if you don’t want to do anything complicated.

So, open sesame…here you go!

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Healthy Fish Tacos


I first tried fish tacos when I was in California – they are a true West Coast dish, and I’ve never had one as good as I had there. I will admit my own recipe isn’t quite up there with an authentic Baja Fish Taco, but it is healthier! I’ve used oven-baked fish rather than fried, natural yoghurt instead of sour cream and lots of fresh, raw vegetables.

I cheated and used store-bought salsa for this as I couldn’t be bothered with more chopping and it’s not the star of the show anyway.

The fun is in assembling the taco yourself, so lay everything out on the table and get everyone to make their own (when I say everyone I’m talking about me and my greedy husband). I didn’t manage to get a picture of the final taco as we were just way too messy when we made these and kind of just wanted to eat them, but you can imagine how it should look!

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