My Body is f**king with my Mind

Dear Body

What’s going on? Mind has been telling me you’ve been playing tricks on them.

You and Mind have known each other for a long time. Mind has always been on your side – making sensible decisions about what to eat, telling you when you’ve had enough and keeping you out of danger. And in return you have looked after Mind, making sure everything works and keeping everything looking good so Mind doesn’t have to worry.

But Mind tells me you’ve been f**king with them recently. Last week you were acting like you had something exciting to say. You know, the cramps, the tender breasts, and not just like it was a period coming. This was full on. So much so that it took Mind back to when we were pregnant before. Every day you would do something to convince Mind that an egg was implanting and a baby was starting to grow. Then one day you just switched it off like it was nothing; like you were just kidding; like it was an April Fools.

That’s not fair Body. You know Mind gets frustrated about this particular subject.

All I ask is that you and Mind communicate better. If something is wrong you need to tell Mind, but if all is ok just let Mind be and focus on what you need to do.

I hope you understand, and if there’s anything I can do to help please let me know.

All the best






2 thoughts on “My Body is f**king with my Mind

  1. My goodness. I can’t even express how much I understand every bit of this. I gave up on even paying attention to the “signs”. Every month would come around and I’d feel everything. Tenderness, nausea, increased sense of smell, constantly in the bathroom… And it always turned out that Aunt Flow was up to her old tricks again. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this.

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