Me Time


funSo I did something bold today. I resigned from my job.

I don’t have another job to go to and I haven’t really started looking, but I decided that if there’s ever a time in my life that I can justify having some ‘me time’, it’s now.

The year is nearly over and we still haven’t been able to conceive again. Every month when my fertile period comes round something is happening that stresses me out. A crazy week of back-to-back meetings, late nights, weekend events, deadlines, pitches. That is the nature of my job, and something I’ve really enjoyed about it in the past. When ovulation comes round though, it’s hard stay focused on what really matters.

Stress is often linked to infertility. Maybe it’s because it’s harder to get in the mood, or you tend to become a bit more lax about eating well and exercising. Anyway I’ve come to accept that maybe I can’t do everything at the same time – so why not just give myself a break?


I’m not expecting a miracle. I know it’s unlikely that I will get pregnant straight away. I will need to start working again after a few months so it’s definitely not a permanent move but I certainly think having some time out will help me to re-energise, assess what I want to do, and get me ready for whatever will come next year.


For my own sanity I need to make sure that conceiving is not my sole focus when I’m not working, so here are my ‘Me Time’ goals!

  • Master the yoga headstand
  • Practise my food photography
  • Experiment with all the recipes I’ve been filing away for the last few months
  • Get a qualification in digital marketing

Right, I’ve written them down now – better make them happen!





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