How to cook the perfect steak


It’s funny how in some relationships you naturally take on certain roles. I’m more organised so tend to plan family and friend get togethers. My husband is more tech savvy so will always be the one to set up new equipment or fix things when they go wrong.

We tend to split the cooking but have very different styles. I am a planner so love to research my meals and shop for the ingredients. He excels at pulling something together from whatever is in the fridge.

Having said that there are certain things I will always leave to the husband no matter how organised or unorganised we are being. For me, those things are omelettes, BBQ meat, roast dinners and steak. I don’t know why – it’s not necessarily that I can’t cook them or don’t enjoy it but it’s just become assumed that these are his bag. And he does them pretty damn well.

So for this post, I have some guest comments from hubby on how to cook the perfect steak!

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I want to talk about my miscarriage

Yesterday Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby, and revealed that they had suffered three miscarriages in the last couple of years.

This has made headlines all over the world, but I first came across this news because a friend of mine on Facebook had liked an article on this called ‘why we should talk about miscarriage’. It talked about how Mark Zuckerberg’s post highlighted the ‘taboo’ around miscarriage and called for more people to discuss the issue, rather than going through it alone.

This is all very true. It seems so silly that such a hugely emotional experience should be something that we have to hide away. But even on reading this, I wasn’t sure whether by liking or sharing the post I would be outing myself as someone who had suffered a miscarriage. That’s certainly what I wondered about my friend who had liked it in the first place.

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