How to get pregnant with pineapples

After my IUI treatment I started reading up about what you should and shouldn’t do to get the best results. Most of what I read agreed that you can carry on life as normal, just take it easy for a couple of days after the procedure. But one thing that kept coming up was eating pineapple.

I thought this might just be an old wives tale, but apparently pineapple – and in particular pineapple core – is loaded with bromelain; or nature’s aspirin. Bromelain helps to thin the blood, which can support the implantation stage as it drives blood to the uterus, and makes the lining stickier, so the fertilized egg can attach.


You have to be careful about when you eat pineapple though. If you eat it before ovulation it can interfere with the acidity in your cervical mucus. It’s recommended to eat it for five days after ovulation, and to avoid it once you have a positive pregnancy test as it can cause mild contractions.

How to eat pineapples when you’re trying:

  • Cut up a whole pineapple into five slices, and eat one piece a day from day 1-5dpo
  • Make sure you eat the core as this contains the most bromelain
  • Eat it raw, and make sure it is fresh pineapple, not tinned

I love eating pineapples by themselves, but if you find it too much chop up your daily portion and serve with some coconut yoghurt, mix into a salsa or chop up and use in a chicken salad with a lime dressing.


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