IUI – Part One

So we’ve decided to start our first cycle of IUI, after another frustrating month.

I’ve been weighing it up in my head since I got my period. Because I know I was able to conceive naturally before, there’s a part of me that feels like I’m giving up. Like I’m not giving my body a fair chance. Like I’m trying to fast track my way through nature’s process. Like I’m cheating.

But I’m just fed up of waiting. I’ve wanted to start a family for so long, and if I can try to speed things up, then why should I wait any longer?

We went to see the doctor this morning. I was paranoid that I wouldn’t be able to do it this month as I had a really light period (I believe a side effect of clomid) but everything looks good. I have two eggs ready to go – one on each side. In fact, they’re so ready that we have to do the treatment sooner than I was expecting – tomorrow.

Hubby needs to go in with his sample first thing in the morning (if only I could start my day like that!) then I go in the afternoon for the procedure.

The doctor has advised me to take it easy after treatment. He’s assured me it’s not going to fall out, so there’s no need to lie with my legs in the air, but it does help if you’re not doing anything stressful. So I’ve cleared my diary and will be ‘working from home’ tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve read that visualising the sperm and egg in your body can help. I’m not sure there’s any truth or actual research on this but it can’t hurt to think positively.

So that’s what I’ll be doing for the 10 minutes I have to lie down after treatment – mentally introducing my eggs to his sperm. Mind over body.

Wish me luck.


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