More fertile after miscarriage?

Is it possible that you could be more fertile after miscarrying?

OK, I’ve already googled it and can’t find any credible medical sources that confirm – or deny – this. There are, however, a lot of discussions about this on mummy forums with countless people saying they got pregnant again within three months of miscarriage, and a hell of a lot even saying they got pregnant again within the first cycle.

Some women were saying it could be because the progesterone levels in your system are already higher, helping to support pregnancy and implantation.

I don’t know if this is really true, but it made me feel quite positive thinking that I might be able to get pregnant again so soon. I’m really missing the pregnancy symptoms – every time I take my bra off I wish my boobs would ache again!

I definitely feel like I ovulated a couple of weeks after my miscarriage started. Even though the doctor told us to wait until I got my first period before trying again, we got straight back on it. From what I’ve read there’s no physical reason why we can’t start trying again – it was a natural miscarriage with no procedures required, and I can’t imagine my uterus had changed all that much at six weeks. It does make it harder for the doctor to date your pregnancy though.

It’s now 32 days since I miscarried and no period yet. One week ago I had crazy cramping to the point I almost had to go home from work – then after a few hours it just went. I really thought my period was going to start, and now I’m getting the same kind of feeling I do around the time I ovulate so I really have no idea where I am in my cycle!

Regardless of what happens this cycle, either way I will see it as good news. Either I’m pregnant (yay!) or I can start trying again properly and track my cycle.

I’ve done it once before, I’m gonna do it again!


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