How to get over yourself and be happy for other people

Once you hit 30 it seems like your Facebook feed is no longer filled with pictures of epic nights out, 4am munchies and drunken selfies. Instead it seems to be dotted with pictures of cherub-cheeked babies and toddlers, parents rejoicing in how much their beloved child continues to amaze them everyday and newly pregnant couples announcing their news to the world with a copy of their 12-week scan.

It’s hard not to feel jealous.

Before my miscarriage I used to really struggle with this. Every time someone announced they were pregnant, my first thought would be ‘that’s not fair, why has it happened to them and not me’, instead of just thinking ‘that’s bloody amazing, congratulations’. Of course the latter would always come out of my mouth, but the envy was always there.

Although we weren’t lucky enough to bring our pregnancy to term, perhaps my perspective has changed a bit now that I know I can conceive. I feel more confident that one day I too will be in their shoes, and because of this I am trying to think not just about my own feelings towards infertility, but about how those close to me are feeling.

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Fertility Food: Avocado on Toast

Avocado on Toast

I’ve been eating a lot of avocadoes this week. Partly because they were on promotion in the supermarket, but mainly because they are incredibly nutritious and full of good things whilst you’re trying to get pregnant.

Firstly they’re packed with folic acid, which doctors will advise you to take when you start trying to conceive. They are also high in Vitamin B6, which is said to assist fertility by lengthening the luteal phase, improving cervical mucus and helping egg and sperm production. It can be hard to get enough Vitamin B6 through food alone though, so doctors may advise that you take a supplement as well. In any case avocadoes are a great bonus boost!

They are also a monounsaturated fat, which some say helps to improve female fertility.

So here I am trying to eat my way through piles of avocadoes! This has been my most used recipe this week as it’s so quick and easy to make, and is great for breakfast or a snack.

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Malaysian Coconut Seafood Curry


I was in Boracay in the Philippines recently, which reignited my love of coconuts!

It made me think, I wonder if coconuts have any positive fertility power, and after some googling found that coconut oil is often recommended as a natural element for balancing your hormones.

Now I’m sure there are many things that can help to balance or imbalance your hormones, and this is not some miracle cure, but I really love all things coconut so am very happy to incorporate a bit of coconut oil!

In fact I’ve gone all out with the coconuts for this recipe, including coconut milk and dessicated coconut too. I even served mine in fresh coconuts (after drinking the juice of course), but that is completely optional – a bowl works just as well.

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More fertile after miscarriage?

Is it possible that you could be more fertile after miscarrying?

OK, I’ve already googled it and can’t find any credible medical sources that confirm – or deny – this. There are, however, a lot of discussions about this on mummy forums with countless people saying they got pregnant again within three months of miscarriage, and a hell of a lot even saying they got pregnant again within the first cycle.

Some women were saying it could be because the progesterone levels in your system are already higher, helping to support pregnancy and implantation.

I don’t know if this is really true, but it made me feel quite positive thinking that I might be able to get pregnant again so soon. I’m really missing the pregnancy symptoms – every time I take my bra off I wish my boobs would ache again!

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